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Save lives with Coffee

Save lives with Coffee Cups for Your Church.


One of the challenges we have is to get our name out into the churches and the public arena.  The Media does very little reporting on the huge problem of Religious discrimination and persecution of Christians around the world. It is also difficult to get the media to interview our representatives.  The cost to save people individually is not huge sometimes as little as few hundred dollars but there are one hundred million Christians at risk from being persecuted and even killed with potential holocaust of many millions of Christians so a few hundred dollars multiplied by millions of people adds up to large amounts needed to save people.   We need to make people aware in the pews of the churches about our work, and the dangers to our brethren in other countries, so they might consider supporting us.

Nearly every church serves coffee and other hot beverages on a Sunday. Most churches use disposable cups and they buy them in their local store or online.

We have produced our own 12 oz cup along with a protection cup sleeve, as well as lids for convenience.  Our price is very competitive to what the churches currently pay and the cup will have our logo, a bible verse and our web site address.  Click here to view the cups. The sleeve will also have our branding on it too.

We need your support to help us get the disposable coffee cups into your church. If you can acquire an initial amount of 200 – 1000 cups from the website you can either donate the initial amount to the church or your can get the church to buy them at cost.  Then send us the contact number of the person at the church who is responsible and we will then ask them if they would like to support our work by acquiring their cup on monthly basis. We accept credit cards or checks, but we do not provide credit or payment on invoice. Send to my email address is Keith@rescuechristians.org

We also wish to hire commissioned based sales people. If you are retired or on disability and you have access to a phone, you can both help us and make a good living. If you like selling and communicating with people and you can achieve a goal of getting 100 -150 churches to use our cups, sleeves and lids you could easily make between $2000 - 4000 per month.  There are 500,000 churches in the USA. This goal can be achieved in less than six months if you put in the effort.  Most of your customers will be repeat business once you establish the relationship. Call us for more details and full training at 1 877 832 7200.

Most of you do not have the time to sell the cups to churches, but you could get at least your own church or at least one local church if you have a relationship with a pastor or even better the assistant to the pastor or the office manager who is the real person who would be probably responsible for acquiring paper cups for the church. 

If you do not know directly the decision maker and you make a presentation do not discuss Islam or its dangers as most of the churches are paralyzed with fear and it is unlikely they will give us the support by acquiring the cups if  we come across “Politically Uncorrect”.  Much of our work is freeing slaves and everyone conservative or liberal hates slavery.  If you get asked about our work then just describe our work to save slaves.  We have saved over 10,000 slaves in less than three years more than all the other secular organizations involved in slavery combined.  There are over two million Christian slaves in Pakistan and India; our goal is to free all of them.   The estimated cost is about $100 million. We believe this coffee cup program if executed properly can achieve this goal over next ten years.


If we can get our cups into ten thousand churches over the next few years we can raise about $10-20 million in net revenue just from the operation and maybe as much as 10 times more from making people aware who prior to the coffee cup program would never have known about us.

This is a vital initiative to grow our ability to save our brethren. We need your help even if it just one or two churches.  If each one of our existing donors can get just one church we will get into several thousand churches in quick order.


We thank you for your help and support which has brought great success to our mission and now we wish to take our work to the next level for the glory of our Lord.




Keith Davies

Executive Director