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God's War on Terror (Book)

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"A fresh understanding of Biblical prophecy from an Eastern perspective as viewed by an ex-Muslim terrorist..."

From every area of the free world, strong evidence is reaching us of crimes and atrocities committed by Islamic fundamentalists in the name of Allah. A great many Muslims, "educated" people, and our elected leaders known about these crimes; those who do not know, do not know because they do not want to know. They do not ask questions because they are afraid of the answers. They fear the knowledge of what they are tolerating, but the ones among us who are open to seeking truth and justice know how to differentiate between criminals and their victims. The people of the civilized world now have to prove by deed where they stand; mere words will not be believed by a world that witnesses the crimes against God's people and my Christian brethren.
In the past I have sinned greatly against God's people, but because of the grace I received through Christ, I am working to rescue them from injustice.
-Walid Shoebat

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Product Reviews

  1. My second favorite book

    Posted by Melanie Rousseau on 16th Jul 2014

    This book has changed everything I have ever been taught in Sunday school. I am using this book as a companion to my Bible. I am so grateful that God has led me to Mr. Shoebat's teachings May God bless you all in your work, I plan to fully support as much and as long as the good Lord allows.

  2. It Finally Makes Sense!

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Jul 2014

    I just received "God's War On Terror" a few days ago and I can hardly put it down. After all these years of being taught in Sunday School and Church what was going to happen in the end-times, I now know that most of what I was learned was not accurate. After having everything explained by Walid it all makes sense now. Biblical symbolism is explained and the events that are taking place in our world right at this minute are lining up precisely and accurately with The Scriptures explained in Walid's book.

    It has also made me view God and His plan for humanity and for myself in a more personal and exciting way for me. I'll admit that the perilous end-times have always just seemed like a fairy-tale to me, but now after reading Walid's explanations regarding the real and horrific current events that are happening on a daily basis, it's all making sense and the fairy-tale is now real. My life and relationship with Jesus have both been changed for the better by this book. Buy it and you'll be seeing our world through the lens of the Bible.

  3. The best book I have ever read ... and I'm, a professor ...........

    Posted by JEP on 14th Apr 2014

    This is such a well written book and it is so filled with facts that it takes some time to read and really absorb all the details and facts included.

    I would recommend this book to everyone. Although the facts are startling, they are important for every American to realize and to know.

  4. Absolutely Amazing!!

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Dec 2013

    I have only just received my book and am just digging into it. I am not just amazed at the content of the book, but also the structure! The table of contents is immense and set up so that any piece of information is easily located in seconds! This is a must read and a must own for every Christian! Prophecy is not an optional study topic. If we are to know our enemy, we need to study! The things I have learned from Walid's teachings should be screamed from the Churches today!
    2 Timothy 2:15
    15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

  5. Incredible!!!

    Posted by James DePola on 19th Sep 2013

    Having been studying the scriptures for the better part of 20 years, primarily from a prophetic point of view, this book was phenomenal. God has slowly revealed his plan to me through a variety of books and authors culminating with this book by Walid. It fills in several gaps and answers many questions. I will warn anyone interested in reading it, you will not be the same afterwards. I thank God for the information he has led me to but there is much truth in the statement, ignorance is bliss.

  6. Revelations Finally Explained

    Posted by Pat Foley on 28th Aug 2013

    All my life I have struggled with understanding Revelations. When I saw Brother Walid talking about God's War on Terror I just HAD to get the book and the videos. It has literally changed my life. Thanks to Brother Walid,I now understand the Bible better,instead of being a study at home Christian as I was before I'm in Church and have bought copies of this book for my Church. Our Church is very grateful for Brother Walid and are humbled that we have the opportunity to support him in his ministries and pray that others will do likewise.

  7. Astonishing and riveting. Awesome

    Posted by James Trussell on 1st May 2013

    This book is a MUST read for Christians. Finally prophecy makes sense. It has transformed the way I read the prophetic from an eastern mindset instead of a western mindset everything comes together from Genesis to Revelation it ALL fits perfectly.The Church needs to re-study the books of the prophets and you will get what Walid is teaching.


    Posted by Mrs Smith on 19th Apr 2013

    We have followed Walid's message for a number of years. When we got THIS book, We took the prophetic message identities apart and continue to pass it on to many brethren. He speaks from a Bible Land perspective of the Middle East,of which we Americans are ignorant. IT IS all written in Genesis-Malachi."How can we understand the play if we don't know the actor's names?" RAVE REVIEWS!!

  9. An excellent read

    Posted by A D Wells on 1st Mar 2013

    As a Christian, I don't want to read the Qur'an just to find out what is says. We must be careful what we feed into our minds. (One version of Mark 4:24 says "Be careful what you hear,") So it's great to read from someone who grew up learning the Qur'an and then found Jesus, and is able to quote from both the Qur'an and the Bible. The insights into Islam are, quite frankly, amazing. For example, I didn't know that the Qur'an says that Allah is "The greatest of all Deceivers" (Walid gives ~ half a dozen references). Compare this with the Bible: "God is not a man, that he should lie" (Num 23:19). Walid explains many aspects of Islam that are unknown to the vast majority of Christians. I have a Christian relative who defends Muslims by saying "they are nice people". But when you understand that Islam says that it is entirely acceptable for Muslims to lie to "infidels", and even encouraged as part of jihad, it puts an entirely different slant on things. I'm not saying all Muslims are bad; I can't - I don't know many. But Jesus said, "Be wise as serpents" (Matt 10:16), and this book is a great help in following Jesus' directive when it comes to Islam.

  10. Unveiling

    Posted by Michael Murray on 18th Feb 2013

    Have not read more than some chapters of this unique book but already can say it is a vital source for these last days for Christians who want to be found longing and waiting for His return and be in FAITH. Remember, He wondered if He would find faith on the earth upon His return. Line upon line, a tower of understanding from which to maintain as watchmen.